Tying the Knot

The  Proposal
July 5, 2010
Sky City at the Space Needle

At sunset and five hundred feet up in the air, Ken got on one knee and asked me to marry him.  No rehearsed speech, no dramatic performance, no crazy stunts.  It was simple and genuine, the very qualities that made me fall in love with him years ago.  Just him, on one knee with the most gorgeous ring when he said, “I love you so much. Will you marry me?” I cried as he put the ring on my finger; flashes of light from our touristy camera man captured our beautiful moment (but not so pretty and teary-eyed me).

Ken had been planning the proposal for quite some time and the day before our departure for our trip to Seattle, he asked my dad for my hand in marriage over a cup of latte.  He brought the ring with him to show my dad.  “I wanted him to know that I was serious and that I put a lot of thought into this next step [marriage] and getting you the perfect ring.”  I looked at the ring as he tells me all about the behind the scene details of the proposal plan.  The ring was more than I’d ever imagined it being!  It wasn’t big.  It wasn’t small.  It wasn’t flashy and it wasn’t plain.  It was the perfect complement for my petite little chubby hands.  “I looked for something that looked vintage because I know how much you like vintage stuff…but it had to complement you as well.”  The ring suits me; he knew me very well.  He had put a lot of thought into the ring; it wasn’t just a diamond on a simple gold band.  “I wanted something better for you,” he said and my heart smiled.

Now, we’re excitedly planning our vintage fairy tale (comic book) themed wedding.   My art is the inspiration board for our wedding and thus, we’re incorporating a lot of lace and satin along with warm rosy, antique gold and cream colors to add a touch of romance.

The main inspiration for our wedding, my dress:

Please visit my boutique in late August (next month) to see some of my vintage-inspired pieces that has “l-o-v-e” written all over it.  Wedding updates to be continued in future posts.



  1. First let me offer you a huge CONGRATULATIONS. I know what it’s like to be in Kens’ position. All the planning, the perfect location, asking the father for her hand in marriage and buying the ring. Actually that was the easy part lol. I had seen the ring one day while waiting to get my watch fixed at this one jewelry store and knew that was the one. Just like yours it wasn’t big, flashy or a hint of bling. It was just perfect. Now sadly we never got married. She was killed in an auto accident monthes before we were to be married but I’ll allways have those memories of her face when I got down on one knee in San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge right behind her. Her tears of pure happy and joy I can also picture when Ken asked you.

    Again congratulations Kimmie and here’s wishing the two of you a long and very happy life together:)


    • OMG! I didn’t see your post until yesterday when I decided I better get on with blogging again! I’m so sorry! AND, then today I found out I can totally reply to the comments directly with my blogging tool. LOL. Life gets busy and you just don’t notice all the handy tools you have, ya know?

      I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I think that life is full of hoops and loops that only helps us become stronger individuals. And as I remind myself of the losses in my life, that just because they are no longer with us physically doesn’t mean that they are completely gone because they still live and exist through us so it’s our job to make sure that we live a good life and lead a morally balanced life. Keeps me going anyway whether it’s true or not. =)

      Ken always says he’s lucky, but I’m quite a handful so I’m not sure if he knows what he got himself into! But he is a great guy and we balance each other out. Well, he’s more mellow and I’m crazy high strung so more like HE balances me out. And, I’m more outspoken, like a crazy Chinese lady (but only not Chinese) so I get stuff done right away. No patience for games. LOL.

      Crazy times. =)

      I hope you’re well!!

  2. I stumble across your blog and it’s really good. I like reading the stories, the background, and seeing the pictures of the stuff you make. Are there any new creations?

    Also, sweet engagement story. Care to share any fun stories with wedding planning? Being a hopeless romantic, I love reading the adventures of brides-to-bes. 🙂 Good luck with everything!

    • Thank you for stumbling on my blog! I love knowing that people are enjoying the stories that I write. As you can see, I’ve been busy planning my wedding so I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like. To answer your first question, I have created several new pieces since your last visit. I recently showcased my Mother-Daughter tea party ring sets, which I will post on my Etsy within the next few days. I’m also working on a lot of DIY or “Kimmie-totally-designed it” projects for the wedding. I have to keep the projects on the hush hush side because I’ve had a couple of my ideas replicated at recent weddings. Subscribe to my blog to get the latest updates about what’s going on at the boutique!

      P.S. The easiest way to get through the wedding planning process (as a bride) is to have a good sense of humor. =) The more you and your wedding coordinator, stylist, and other vendors can laugh through the goods and the bads, the lighter you will feel towards the end of the planning process. The best advice anyone who has ever been married has given me was, “your wedding will never be perfect so just let everything go and have a good time.” Don’t get hung up on having the perfect wedding because in the end, it’s not about your dress, the guest list or the crazy drunk uncle who stole the microphone from the emcee and interrupted the father-daughter dance with his rude comments, but rather knowing that you are marrying the perfect person there is for you and that person will create the perfect life for the both of you.

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