Summer Tea Party

Kimmie’s Bargain Boutique and Your Sweet Treat had our first tea party hosted in Whittier, CA on June 19th and we loved how great everything turned out.  It was just filled with lots of girlie fun.   Sending lots of love and thank yous to our hostesses and our family and friends who came out to support our first tea party.

beverages: tea (assorted), orange juice, tropical iced tea

  • caprese on foccacia
  • smoked salmon and wasabi on wheat
  • cucumber sandwich on white
  • chicken salad on whole wheat
  • fruit salad
  • chocolate dipped strawberries
  • vanilla scones
  • blueberry scones
  • cookies (assorted)

In the kitchen…

Setting up outside…

Our little girls table…

We had a tea-riffic time and can’t wait to get the ball rolling for our Fall event.   Invitations going out over the next two weeks. Maybe we’ll see you there! ?!



  1. Hi Kimmie

    You two did a wonderful job in setting everything up. The photos are amazing. Really proud of the two of you. So did Nina tell you? I’m invited to the one in Aug. Hmmm. Wonder if I’ll get a formal invite? lol.

    I told her if you need a waitor I’ll bring my tux. hehe. Seriously though, it’s an honor for me to even be thought of to be invited. I’m trying to free up that weekend now.

    Again I’m so proud of the two of you for all the hard work it took to get this tea party going. As I told her. It’s just the first of many to come.

    Take care,


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