Super Powers Aside…

The other day my little sis, also my Maid of Honor, sent out an evite for my bridal shower/bachelorette spa day.  Reading the little message made me laugh.  Towards the end she wrote, “get ready for a wonderful day with the bride-to-be before she goes on another mission to save the world!” It’s a phrase that I use a lot I suppose when I sign offline in the morning. “Off to save the world!” I’d say.

I  look at everyday as a new and exciting adventure and no mission was impossible for me; kind of like Kim Possible. Unless I’m feeling sick that morning, there is always a ton of things to do on my agenda for the day and oftentimes, what I do does feel like I’m leaving a positive mark on the world.  I’m no superhero by any means. I don’t have a cape, superpowers or any magic but what I do have is the desire to help people.

Life is too short to focus on the impossibles. I’d rather focus on things that I can change and just do it. I hope that my blog posts will inspire you to put on your imaginary capes and go out and change the world for the better!


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