My Creative Process

Taking ordinary things and making them extraordinary. 

I was asked recently about my creative process…how I go about creating my pieces. Whenever I’ve been asked that in the past, I always respond by saying, “the same way that I cook my meals…I just throw whatever makes me happy into the pot and make it pretty.” And quite frankly, that’s the simple honest truth to my creative madness.

What I find special about my art is that I like to take something random, possibly broken, though most likely new and pair it with something else to give it meaning. I was never great at drawing, wasn’t really able to stay inside the lines when I colored, hated cutting or sewing straight lines.  Thus, whenever I am crafting I like to just let my heart take over and tell my hands what to do.  It’s not about creating something perfect. It was about creating something that tickled my heart and puts a smile on someone’s face. It was about restoring memorable moments, a childhood activity, a hint of hope…Most importantly, it is about love – loving what I do, loving my mom, loving life, loving the world – and how I use that passion and love to create beautiful things that inspires, touches and changes others in a positive way.

I don’t always get the project right the first time. Sometimes I scrap the entire project because it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to, but luckily most of the time the finished product is better than I had imagined it to be. So while I do not mold my own clay, but probably can if I wanted to spend my time doing that, I am able to conceptualize what type of clay piece I’m looking for and how I want the piece to look when I’m done making what I’m making to satisfy my late night creative cravings. The pieces that I make have to connect to me in a special way even if I’m creating a custom order for someone. 

Love Kimmie is not just my boutique’s signature brand or a way to mass produce and sell tons of expensive things to the general public. It represents the loving bond that I share with my mom and the love and passion that I put into creating pretty things that touches another person’s heart in a deep and meaningful way, even if it only speaks to one person’s heart.

I hope this made sense and gives everyone a better insight into my creative world.


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