RAWards 2012

Love Kimmie was invited to participate as a vendor for the 2012 RAWards ceremony on January 12th. Nothing beats starting off the new year with late night crafting and an event at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater! There were only a handful of vendors invited to participate so it definitely felt great to be one of the few selected artists for this major event.

The night was jammed packed with entertainment, which included awesome music from different bands, beautiful models who posed as live statues, dance performances, and a handful of drunks. I laughed all night long and received some of the most honest and genuine feedback from the guests.

The highlight of the evening was definitely when this guy in a pink v-neck t-shirt stopped in front of my booth, jumped up and down, and screamed, “Ohhhh my god…this is so freaking cute!” I had no idea what he was referring to, but I loved his enthusiasm! He asked around to see who the designer was and then shook my hand when I greeted him. I thanked him for stopping by and gave him a business card. Two minutes later, he came back asking for another one saying, “you’re just too popular!”  It turns out that his friend snatched my card from his hand and ran off with it!

I also had wardrobe stylists stop by to talk to me; the emcee patiently waiting until the crowd died down so he could make his way over to compliment my accessories; and several people came by to ask me if I was the “teacup” girl (reference to my “Mother-Daugther Tea Party” ring set). Later in the night, another man commented to his partner, “I like her stuff, she should have won for the accessories category…”They talked to me for a bit , held my hand, and then thanked me for inspiring them with my story. Hearing that they were inspired made my night. It was nice to see that my craft made people smile, touched others in a special way, or simply just appealed to the average consumer.

Looking back at the various events that I’ve done over the past year, I know that I still have a lot to learn and that there are still improvements to be made. Packaging and displaying my inventory at an event is top priority on my “to-learn” list. However, the first step to branding is choosing the right name so I’m also happy to announce that my blog domain has been officially changed to http://www.lovekimmie.com, something that I’ve wanted to do since last year. The year just started and all I see are endless possibilities. Cheers to a new year and new opportunities.


Courtesy of Ms. Jasmine Lim, a photograph from the event…

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