Happy 1 Year Anniversary

Today marks the boutique’s one year anniversary and what an amazing year it has been since the official launching of KBB! What started off as silly card ideas grew to jewelry designing, cute whimsical/vintage decor and so much more!  I’m already looking forward to new projects as we venture into the second year of business.  This year, I’m looking forward to starting “Love Kimmie” and making it the signature brand for my boutique.

It’s been a very blessed year for me and so I’d like to take a moment and share some of my favorite memories from this year’s events.

Through the Etsy Boutique, tea parties, and other events KBB has been able to support local organizations that provide services to communities in Southern California. One of my biggest charities is the Los Angeles Mission and through my holiday gift giving project, my family, friends and I have been able to share some of the love and joy with others through gift giving. What started out as a family get together for my 28th birthday turned into an annual event where family and friends gather at my house to wrap Christmas gifts for children at the shelter. I love sitting back to watch my little nieces and nephews hand select and wrap the presents for other children who are not as fortunate and to see how much joy and satisfaction they get out of helping someone else.  I’m beyond thrilled to say that we’re able to donate more and more gifts each year. In 2008, we donated over 60 presents to young boys and girls and in 2010, over 100 gifts were delivered!

My mom loved the holidays and while we loved opening our presents Christmas morning, the magic of the holiday was not what was inside the box but rather the time that we spent with each other.  Holidays for my family is more than magic, it’s a car full of love and joy that puts a smile in people’s heart no matter how difficult the times may seem.

I feel very fortunate that I was given the opportunity to use my creativity in a meaningful way and look forward to the endless possibilities in 2011.

Happy Anniversary KBB! And, thank you Mommy for loving me and for always reminding me that superheroes don’t need a cape to be “super.”


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