Mini Vintage-Inspired Picture Frames

A few weeks ago, I purchased purse frames with the intention of sewing my own coin purses. The actual completion of a coin purse was harder than it seemed!  I guess I will save that project for another rainy day, but I still wanted to do something with these beautiful purse frames.  So, after my fingers started to blister up (eww! I know!), I had a different idea for these nifty purse frames.

Rather than making coin purses, I decided to turn the purse frames into picture frames instead!  I figured, what the heck! I haven’t seen any sold on the market yet so why not see if I can repurpose the purse frames into something function, unique and attractive! It took some time, but I’m quite happy with the end product.

Each one is uniquely designed.  The picture frame itself measures approximately 3 inches in height and 4 inches in width.  The frames each comes with a mini easel (as pictured), packaged with extra care and shipped to your desired location.  If it is a gift, I can personalize a card for you (free of charge) if you leave me a note at the time of the check out.  These can be purchased at my Etsy Boutique beginning on March 8th, International Women’s Day, for $10 each, plus $3.50 shipping and handling in the US and $5 internationally.

March is Women’s History Month and thus, a special 25% of the sales will go to the National Women’s History Museum.  While the museum is located in Alexandria, VA, the CyberMuseum houses valuable information that can be accessed virtually for students anywhere on the globe.

Help give our students a perspective and a glimpse of history through the lens and effort that has been made by the extraordinary women of our country.


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