Simple Pleasures

New job has kept me M.I.A., but I had a little down time today and wanted to share something uplifting (I think that’s the word) and worth reflecting with you.

Read a cool article on Yahoo! today and thought I’d reflect about 10 small, simple pleasures that I enjoy everyday (and they’re free!):

1.)  waking up each morning with a purpose for each day
2.)  having a routine that I can share with Cooks before I leave for work
3.)  shorter commutes to work, to shopping centers, to my bf’s house
4.)  cold bottle of water
5.)  being surrounded by beautiful memories of my mom everywhere
6.)  teaching at some capacity
7.)  sharing at least one good laugh with someone (Cooks included)
8.)  living with my family/close to my extended family
9.)  warm showers
10.) good food

To read the Yahoo! list of 101 small pleasures, click here.

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