First Vendor Fair Event

Kimmie’s Bargain Boutique and YourSweetTreat partnered up for the Spring 2010 Vendors Fair at UCI.  The first day was a little logistically challenging given that the spaces were not clearly marked and we were moved around before we even set foot on campus!  We came back strong on our second and third day, nonetheless.

Pictures to illustrate our progress over the course of the week:

So, after work the next day, I decided to retreat to my sister’s room to recreate a more jazzy set-up for days 2 and 3 of our event.  The room was a little dark so the pictures didn’t come out all that great below, but it gives a sense of what we were going for.  =)

After hours of sewing, organizing, and labeling, we finally felt ready!

welcome to our booth!

beautiful, fresh deep coral and white carnations

While we were busy selling and promoting our products, we still managed to squeeze in confirmation for 2 tea parties (one summer and one fall) and can’t wait to go shopping for new dresses (and shoes!).

and…at the end of the day, we still managed to pack light and carry everything (including a 10×10 canopy, two tables, two chairs) all in one trip!  Teamwork!

I’ve been bad about keeping my blog up-to-date since I have four million different jobs and all, but it’s here so please come back and check out my blog regularly to see new products and ideas.

In the meantime, check out YourSweetTreatStore on Etsy.

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