Simple DIY Storage Bench

If you have a small room/space and need a functional storage unit that won’t cramp your style or break the bank, this is the perfect project for you!  This simple DIY storage chest can also functions as stylish bench in just a few simple steps and on a budget too!  Seriously!

Create the Look:

Decide where you want to set up the storage bench and take the measurements.  Shop around for a sturdy wooden chest. It could be something that is already put together and painted or one that you can personalize and decorate yourself.  The key thing is to find one that is solid and sturdy enough to hold your weight, in addition to the materials you will store on the inside of it.  Once you have selected the wooden chest, add on 4 wooden table/chair legs to the bottom of the chest (one on each corner of the chest), flip it over and test for sturdiness.  Add a simple cushion on top for some extra comfort.  For simplicity, I used an old pillow that I had at home covered with a vintage design pillowcase I purchased from the thrift store for $.39.  Bargain, I know!

My Inspiration:

My dad purchased a cute 1960’s, 4-bedroom home in Fall 2009, which meant that we all get to have our own rooms for the very first time!  What that really meant was…we get to have our rooms personalized to each of our personalities and style.  Can you guess my style? 🙂

My sis and I shared the master bedroom at our old house, which was about 240 sq. ft. so we had a lot more room for things.  When we moved into our new place, I kept the master bedroom (which is probably THE best room in the house) but had to rethink the functionality of the space because it was slightly smaller than the room size that I was used to.  My current room is about 180 sq. ft., which is a modest and comfortable size.

The room had a theme and I had been successful in finding and creating pieces that fits the theme.  What was most important was that I didn’t want to clutter the space with a ton of furniture, but I still needed a functional storage space for my arts and crafts and a place where people can sit on other than my bed or the floor.  This cute little storage bench seat was the perfect solution!

Note to the Bargainistas:

I would start by looking for a wooden chest at the thrift stores.  If you can’t find one there, I would check out TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross, Michaels, Joann’s or other discount stores in your area (and check for coupons!).  I purchased my cute shabby chic inspired one at TJ Maxx for $30, but you can definitely find something under $20!

–  Home Depot and Lowes has wooden legs for tables/chairs at very affordable prices ($2-$6 each) and the best part is it comes in all different sizes, shapes, height and width!   I also found a set of wooden legs at a local thrift store for less than $4 so it’s always good to check around to see if you can get lucky with the bargains before paying more than you need to!

–  If you’re into making your own pillows, check out the thrift store for inexpensive quality fabric.  It’s definitely cheaper than buying from Joann’s in some cases.  However, if you don’t see a print that you like, Joann’s sells these 18 in. x 22 in. squares for about $1.50 each. You can buy two and sew your own pillow.  There are tons of patterns to choose from and they are usually well stocked!

Materials :

  • wooden chest
  • wooden table/chair legs  (4)
  • spray paint for the legs
  • triangular metal reinforcement plates (sold right next to where the table/chair legs are at home hardware stores) to hold the legs onto the bottom of the chest (4)
  • screw driver
  • screws (check the length of the screw to make sure that it won’t puncture through the inside surface of the bottom of the chest once the legs are screwed on)

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