Wall Accessory Display

Accessorize your room with a chic display board using a pegboard, some cabinet knobs and a touch of imagination!

Create the Look:

To create this look for your room, simply screw the cabinet knobs onto a pegboard, spacing them out however you desire.  Be creative and imaginative! Look around the house for old knobs or other objects that can be used as handles to hold your accessories. Once the knobs are tightly screwed in, place the pegboard inside a glassless picture frame, secure it in place and then hang it in your desired location!

My Inspiration:
In 2004 when I completed my undergraduate program, my mom asked my cousins to make a bouquet of 2 dozen roses out of crisp $1 bills as a graduation gift.  I’ve had it on display in my room ever since.  However, when we moved to our new place I didn’t have a place for them and I didn’t have the heart to take them apart and spend the money so I decided to create a “window” of accessories repurposing the 2 dozen roses as an accent piece on the display (at the top of the frame).

Note to the Bargainistas:
– Thrift stores and eBay are great places to look for vintage knobs, or you can do what I did, modernize my bathroom vanity cabinet and repurposed my old cabinet knobs as handles on my accessory display board!

Materials :

  • pegboard (size will vary, my display is 2ft X 4ft)
  • cute cabinet knobs
  • screws for knobs
  • picture frame (to fit pegboard)
  • nails to hold picture frame on the wall

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