Walnut Family Festival

I loved growing up in Walnut, CA.  A small suburb 30 miles east of Los Angeles, the city was a great place to start a family.  My parents saved up and moved our family to Walnut in the early 90s so that we can get a better education and to provide us with a safer environment.  Growing up, I remember the city’s annual family festival as an event that parents can take their kids to and spend the day as a family enjoying the entertainment, checking out the various vendors and eating delicious food!  Seeing the community celebrating and coexisting at one event just made it feel warm and inviting.

Your Sweet Treat and I just couldn’t resist participating as a vendor this year and just be amongst the crowd.  Our booth also featured cute hair accessories from Chasing Zoe Accessories.  Jasmine, designer of Your Sweet Treat accessories, and I had an amazing time working this event together and we’re already working towards planning our next event.

Pictures from our event:

Breast Cancer Awareness:
Both Jasmine and I are big on giving back to the community so throughout the year we will design accessories for a specific cause and then donate a percentage of the proceeds.  Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, we are designing  accessories throughout the month to raise money for breast cancer awareness.  We will begin posting items on our etsy stores later this week, but below was our special set-up at our booth this past weekend to raise awareness and fundraise for the cause and some of the Love Kimmie items where proceeds will go to breast cancer research and awareness.

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Check out our etsy stores to see our newest creations!
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  1. Hello Kimmie

    It’s been a little while since we last spoke. I had been talking with Jas all about the festival for months. I know how how much hard work the two of you put into getting everything ready, all your items both of you made and the very long hours you two put in. I want to tell you just what I told her. I so proud and so very happy for the both of you with everything you both did.

    Also what you both did for Breast Cancer Awareness at the festival is truly admirable. It’s a cause that hits very close to my family with losing an aunt years ago to breast cancer back when the research wasn’t what it is today. Myself I made a nice donation to Breast Cancer research on Monday.

    In my opinion you two went far above and beyond with your beautiful set up. Jas sent me a few photos and they were amazing. Even my sister Keilani, who I think your well aware of from Jasmine was blown away by the photos and she was so upset she couldn’t be out there to help you two out, but there’s always your next event for her to possibly be there.

    KimmiesBargainBoutique and YourSweetTreat have come a long way and I wish both of you all the best. Keep up the fantastic work:)

    • Oh yes! The festival took quite a bit of preparation. I think we both averaged about 3hrs of sleep that day! haha. As you already know, I’m really charity driven and am trying my best to find ways to give back to the community. Jasmine also donated a lot of the proceeds last year for Breast Cancer Awareness, which is such a huge threat to so many men and women around the world and every bit counts so we’re just trying to do our part. I think that like you many of us personally know or know of someone who has been affected by this cancer. My aunt went into remission more than a decade ago, which we are all thankful for. We just have to have faith that research will find a cure. =)

      Thanks for being our #1 supporter and cheering us on! Moral support helps tremendously!!

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